Toothless smiles – Freelensing – Personal project

Freelensing is a technique where the lens is detached from the camera body. It’s such an interesting way to add great bokeh and generate effects that usually can only be achieved with a tilt shift lens. The focus plane shifts according to the lens movements – it sounds simple, but takes some time to figure out.
Sometimes, when I feel in a rut, I try freelensing to Some of my favorite Instagram accounts feature freelensed images – check out the two freelensing hubs @thefreelensed and @the_freelensed_project for some inspiration. Anita (@akcline) is my special inspiration in the Instagram world, she has a whole account with freelensed images only – so good!

For these images I used my 50mm lens – because it’s my favorite portrait lens ever. I wanted to capture this toothless grin and my her bike riding skills.

If you want to try freelensing too, hop over to Clickinmoms – they have a full tutorial on freelensing on there.

Another great tool that helps me when I feel uninspired is my macro lens – it gives a totally new view of this world. Here and here are a few of my macro images. And looking at them makes me want to use my macro lens again more often!

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